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At Tabor Hill & Associates LLC, we abide by the strict InterNACHI Standards of Practice (SOP). The inspection entails a thorough and non-invasive walk-through of the home, during which we assess the condition of the property and uncover defects that you’ll want to be aware of.

As long as we can access them safely, the following areas will be inspected:


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Before buying a home, it’s important to understand the property and all of its defects completely. During a Buyer’s Inspection, we thoroughly walk-through the home to assess its condition and help buyers understand exactly what they’ll be getting into should they decide to purchase.

House for Sale sign in front of a newly constructed home after receiving Tabor Hill's inspection services

Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection helps sellers understand their property fully so that they can professionally discuss its strengths and weaknesses with potential buyers. During the inspection, we will assess the home’s condition and advise sellers about what repairs can be made before listing.

Modern, new house available in Florida after receiving home inspection services

New Construction Inspection

A New Construction Inspection is scheduled before the final walk-through to help builders identify and address any oversights that were made during the building process. This prepares the home for a safe and easy move-in.

new construction home inspection service

Pre-Drywall Inspections

During New Construction Phase Inspections, we can check a property for defects after important phases of the building process so that they don’t get hidden as the builder moves on.

Calendar and clock showing the passing of time between a house receiving inspection services

11th Month Warranty Inspection

If a new home is sold with a builder’s warranty, it should be inspected for defects during the 11th month. During the inspection, we help the homeowner identify the issues that they can request repairs for before the warranty is over.

Tile roof with sky lights that can inspected during 4 point inspection services

4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection is a truncated home inspection that includes only the 4 most significant areas of the home and does not replace a standard inspection. This inspection includes the roof, HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical system. This inspection is for insurance purposes only.

Residential swimming pool in front of a modern style house while receiving inspection services

Pool and Spa Inspection

The pool and spa are important parts of the home and should be operating safely and correctly. During the Pool and Spa Inspection, we check the system for malfunctioning parts so that they can be repaired.

Interior of a modern style home during thorough inspection services


After the Buyer’s Inspection, a Re-Inspection can be scheduled to ensure that buyer and seller are on the same page about the repairs that have been made. We will return to the home to ensure that repairs have been done correctly and as agreed-upon.

Huge hurricane approaching Florida causing wind damage to homes in need of inspection services

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A Wind Mitigation Inspection can often help homeowners get certain insurance credits. During the inspection, we check the home for signs of existing wind damage and help the owner determine how to best prevent this type of damage in the future.

House with a pool covered by a tent for termite treatment after being discovered during WDO inspection services

WDO Inspection

Wood-destroying organisms, such as termites and carpenter ants, can cause extensive damage to wood in the home. During the WDO Inspection, signs of an infestation or existing damage will be found so that the problem can be addressed quickly. WDO reports requested by Tabor Hill & Associates are performed by DL Pest Control.

Exterior of a Vacant Commercial Building ready for inspection services to be preformed.

Commercial Building Inspection

We offer Commercial Building Inspections for both light and heavy commercial properties including storefronts, offices, strip malls, and warehouses.

Using the Latest Technology


Aerial drone view of a Florida neighborhood inspection service

Aerial Drone

An Aerial Drone will be used as needed during inspections in situations where the roof of a home is unsafe to walk on foot. The drone will fly above the property and collect high-resolution photos of the roof so that we can check for damages and defects.

Thermal imaging camera being used while preforming inspection services to detect heat loss

Thermal Imaging Camera

We use a Thermal Imaging Camera during the home inspection at no additional charge. With it, we are able to see areas of heat loss or excessive heat behind home surfaces that wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye. With these images, we can diagnose issues in the home such as moisture intrusion, improper insulation, and electrical hotspots.

Home interior in panoramic 360 degree view captured while preforming home inspection services

Moisture Meter

We use a moisture meter to make sure there isn’t moisture intrusion in the home. With this device, we are able to measure the percentage of moisture in any areas of concern.

Other Tools:

Gas Leak Detector

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